Pen Names

Instead of a regular writing update this week, I have some thoughts that I want to get off my chest. I’ve been turning something over in my mind. Pen names. A lot of authors use them. But when is it okay to reveal your pen name? Is it okay to go under a different name […]

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Goodbye 2015 Hello 2016

I’ve just been looking back on the post I wrote this time last year, setting out my goals for the year ahead while welcoming the new year and saying goodbye to the old one. I had a lot of ambitions. Some worked. Some didn’t. Probably more fell into the latter category. But I did start […]

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Dad Pride Are you proud of me? Could you be? Can you see me? The real me? The one I keep hidden Now you’re not here So much I want you to know I hope you do know How much I miss you Even though I never showed you Maybe now you’re not here Maybe […]

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Another Question On Religion

Following on from my previous post The Question of Religion, I have another question for anyone willing to share their thoughts. Conflict. Religion is often tied to it. It’s a lot of what we see in the news. People waging war in the name of religion. But does that mean that religion is inevitably tied to […]

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The Question of Religion

I’m doing an online course on the topic of religion. It’s made me think. What is religion? How is it defined? How do you put a definition to something that has such diversity within it? To me, religions are organised structures. They have guidelines on how you are supposed to live, and a deity you […]

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I remember

I remember.

I remember the feel of the soil and grass beneath my bare feet, curling my toes, digging them down into the earth.

I remember how the sun felt warm on my bare arms, on my face and neck. The start of summer. No more school. No more teachers. No more bullies. Just days and days of endless play, endless games and wild flights of imagination.

I want to feel that again.

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