Grief #500wordFridays

And I’m still writing dark fiction. (And getting internet rage, which I’m sure will one day be a real thing. Like road rage.) Grief I imagined it over and over. What it would have been like. The music. The people. The colours. The flowers. The cars. What I would have done and felt and said. […]

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Anticipation #500wordFridays

I am back again with a new piece of flash fiction. I missed last week due to Good Friday and family commitments. Hope you enjoy this one. Anticipation The white silk and lace floats around my ankles as I twirl in front of the mirror. I can barely breathe in the corset, one hand laid […]

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Demons #flashfictionfriday

So, a slight change in name this week because this story wouldn’t fit into 500 words. It is what it is, and to force it to be longer would change that. So here it is, just as it wants to be. πŸ™‚ Demons I am heavy and cold. My heart pounds, pushing terror around my […]

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Fire #500wordFridays

Hello, another little story for reading enjoyment. πŸ™‚ Fire The flames lick the night sky, trying to swallow the few stars that have dared to shine tonight. A part of me wishes I had stayed away, too. I have her voice in my head, the last vitriolic words that she spoke. The curse that she […]

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Dancing #500wordFriday

Not quite as dark this week. πŸ™‚ Dancing I take her hand in mine. Her skin is soft, and her fingers long, rings wrapping around them, twinkling in the light of the ballroom. We are alone, twirling around this large empty space. She smiles, and laughter slips from her lips. It echoes, bouncing off the […]

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Laughter #500wordFridays

Another little story. Enjoy. πŸ™‚ Laughter Her laughter was haunting, ringing in his ears until he could hear nothing else, see nothing else but that mocking face. Her eyes were small spots of darkness in an otherwise pale face. β€œOh, here comes Mr Snappy,” she had said, and laughed. β€œHi,” he had said, pushing away […]

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Bruises #500wordFriday

There’s a longer, and slightly different, version of this that I might post over the weekend. Until then, enjoy. πŸ™‚ Bruises She hissed in a sharp breath and drew her fingers away. It was almost gone, almost invisible. If only she were invisible… She set the powder down on the table. It rattled against the […]

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