Missed a couple of days. 😦 Blame the heatwave that nearly killed me….



“How dare you?” My words ring out across the empty car park. My scream is unanswered.

Not even an echo.

Fingers twine in hair. Pull. Pain.

What to do?

I am alone.

I scream again. Fist hits empty air.

All empty.

All pointless and empty.

Tears fall.

I wipe them away.

Pace. Back and forth. Think trainers on hard concrete.

Fist finds a brick wall. Pain sears up my arm.

I scream again, up to the silent stars. “How dare you fucking meddle in my life?”

There are no words. No words strong enough. No words that will pull the rage from me.

I sink. A white line runs beneath me. One knee on either side. Tears fall on it. Heavy drops of aching sadness.

“Fucking bitch,” I sob. “Fucking stupid bitch.”

A car screams past, somewhere in the darkness. Headlight flash. Life passing.

Pointless life.

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