Written on the move. 🙂

Cherry Blossom


It’s like I woke up. With each tiny pale pink petal that landed on my face, tiny piece of me began to breathe again. My lips formed into a smile and tears slipped down my face.

This was what I had been waiting for, deep inside, hidden in the dark.

I reached out my hand, and the petals fell onto my palm. They were so soft, like the innocent skin of new life.

So many colours. So many sounds. So many feelings. Why couldn’t I see it before?

“You’re right,” I said to the shadow of the woman behind me. “Things are going to change.”

The shadow moved, condensed, as she came to my side, crouched down to look me in the eye. “Really, Cass?”

“Yes. You were right about this place. I see now. I don’t know where I’ve been, but I see now.” I twined my fingers in hers. “I breathe again.”

She wrapped my hand up, sandwiching it in hers, and bowed her head over them. “This place truly does give me new life.”

There were other trees around, but none as full of light as the one I sat under. None with roots that reached so deep.

I inhaled the scent of blossom in my hand, wrap it up and hold it to my heart.

Liza lifted her head, and there was such happiness in her eyes. I didn’t want to think how much pain I’d caused her. “Time to go?” I asked.

“Yes.” She takes hold of the back of the wheelchair. “Time to start over.”

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