This one’s a little, erm, abstract. :/

Girl in wind


A breath, a sigh on the wind. Tree leaves rustling, the wind hushing its race over the land.

I face it, arms wide, hair streaming behind me. Her teeth bite at my exposed skin.

My fingers curl, nails digging into my palms. Grass ripples, like tiny waves on a shallow ocean. The sleeves and skirt of my dress snap in a sudden gust.

She has me in her claws.

I stand. Mountain. Strong.

My mouth opens, and I let out a sigh, a breath on the wind. It is taken by the maelstrom, but I see it as it passes me by.

Like the hardiest of plants, it will take root and grow, creating warmth in Her from the inside.

Eyes close.

Until then, I will endure.

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