Return to #Blogbattle! :D

I have been away too long from this wonderful challenge and community. Henceforth Tuesdays are #blogbattle days! 😀 (Check out Rachael Ritchey’s site too.)

Space station

Dangerous Secret

“I can’t stay here forever Liv, I have to go.” Her tone was pleading, her hands warm on my own.

“No, Cate, you have to stay. We can keep the secret. If they find you…” Words choked me. I couldn’t look at her anymore.

The tiny room, with metal grating below our feet, and metal walls and ceiling, echoed to our pleas. The door was bolted from the inside, and so was our escape route.

I thumped my heel on it, and the whole room clanged. “We’re not helpless.”

“It’s no defence against laserguns, against any other weapons they have. It only works if we hear them coming.” She folded her arms around her waist, refusing to look at me, holstered hip jutting out.

“So what’s your brilliant idea? Surrender yourself to them? Why’s that a good idea now and and not a week ago?” I saw it in my mind’s eye, watching her die, and it chilled every piece of me.

She threw her hands in the air. “I don’t know, do I? I just know that I can’t see you die for me.”

I felt like shoving her, pushing her into the wall. “And you think I can watch you die? It doesn’t matter the reason, I just can’t lose you.”

Stalemate. We always got here.

The door shook and echoed throughout the room, rattling in its frame.

Our eyes met.

I bent down, wrenched the trapdoor open, exposing a yawning black hole. Cate grabbed the torch, flicked it on. Took my hand.

And we jumped.


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