This one may or may not be true. 😉



It’s done.

Finally done.

A smile curls my lips and I soak in the moment, savour the relief that swims through my veins. I am free.

My hands aches from almost two hours of writing, and the anxiety is finally falling away. It was all worth it. Every moment of heartache and suffering. To have come this far and walked out the other side.

The demons shall not have me.

I have won.

I turn up the volume of my headphones and walk, knowing that I have the power to change anything I want.

(Just keep my fingers crossed I pass…)

Daily Post


2 thoughts on “Volume

  1. And make sure you look both ways when crossing the road! Headphones can be dangerous 😝🦉
    Congrats on finishing exams 😃🦉

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