Here we go again. Second day. See how long this lasts. 🙂

woman with phone


“You look nice this morning.”

She grunts in reply.

“Well, you do. What are you up to there?”

She pulls the phone close to her chest, grasping it so hard her knuckles turn white.

“Okay, okay, just trying to take an interest.”

Silence. The clock ticks by, counting out the seconds, the minutes, as breakfast is consumed, and phones are stared at.

“You don’t like your porridge?”

She glares. And eats a spoonful. While glaring. She pushes away from the table, the chair scratching on the floor.

“Okay, you can go. Tell your boyfriend hi, and that your brother thinks the game he lent him is natty.”

She rolls her eyes and stalks off. Her legs are painfully thin these days. But what to do? She won’t listen. She just runs into her boyfriend’s arms.

Healthy living. That’s not what I’d call it.

The plates are cleared, the food thrown away again.

Natty. I shake my head at myself. Who uses that word anymore?

Daily Post 


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