Demons #flashfictionfriday

So, a slight change in name this week because this story wouldn’t fit into 500 words. It is what it is, and to force it to be longer would change that.

So here it is, just as it wants to be. 🙂

woman in darkness


I am heavy and cold. My heart pounds, pushing terror around my body, drawing air in faster and faster until I no longer breathe.

The world blurs, sounds muffled, the ground beneath me no longer stable. Voices scream at me, horrible, hurtful words.

Somewhere inside, She lives. Her and her venom.

I pull at my hair, as if I could draw it all out, force the pain from me.

Inside, the demon chews at my racing heart and I want to scream. But the air is gone. I am suffocating.

She laughs, sharp, cutting. An ocean of memories drowns me. I no longer see the world around me, no longer feel the concrete against my knees. I live in a world ever-changing. In a world ever-moving.

Blurring past. Faces. Places. Worlds long gone.


I see myself as if in a mirror, the disgusting reflection She gave me. Hateful. Horrible. Greedy. Selfish.


My hands are worn, the marks of life cutting deep. Nothing can heal them, nothing can stop the blood that seeps from the wounds.

It is cold here. Dark. No words.

Just time, the ticking of the clock counting down each second until the inevitable push back into life. More wounds to be made.

More pain to endure while She screams from the cold, dark home She has made within me.

Waiting for Her to rise up and take hold of me again.

It is inevitable that She will. It is a cycle that cannot be broken. It is pain. Death. A horrible numb, broken feeling inside.

I sink to my knees, salt stinging down my cheeks. There will be no end to this.

Sound trickles into the darkness. Muffled noises that can’t be defined. A bang. A slam of a door. And the black ink of my world bleeds colour. Shapes form, and I feel cold air on my skin.

It has begun again.

I rise up, breath echoing. Heart trembling. Hands shaking. Movement spins my awareness.

I stumble forward, and slip back into the skin of normality.


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