#Blogbattle : Try, Try, Try Again

This week’s #blogbattle theme word is coconut. #Blogbattle is a weekly event hosted by the wonderful Racheal Ritchey over at the new #Blogbattle site. Take a look at her website and books as well. It’s worth it.

Genre: Fantasy

Try, Try, Try Again

She wrinkled her nose. There was something else, something she was forgetting…

Her lips set in a thin line. Nope, she couldn’t remember. Maybe there wasn’t anything else. Perhaps she was just getting confused with another spell.

So she dropped the lid on the bubbling pot, then dusted her hands together. Done.

She folded her arms and trained her eyes on the timer that sat on the granite worktop beside the cooker. Five minutes. She was sure that was the cooking time.

The bubbling grew louder and louder, and the pot lid started to dance. She bit her bottom lip. She didn’t remember it doing this in class. Maybe she should…


There was a clang as the lid hit the ceiling and she dived beneath the worktop. Mixture splattered everywhere. Some hit her as she was diving, the boiling, green liquid thankfully missing her skin. She brushed it out of her hair. It was goopy. It shouldn’t be goopy.

The lid clattered to the floor, rolling around at her feet until it ran out of energy and finally stilled.

Her shoulders sagged. She had done something wrong. This definitely wasn’t what had happened in class. Easy tears filled her eyes, and she sniffled. She was never going to pass her exams at this rate.

In her head, the voice of her teacher piped up. “Now Ethelred, if something goes wrong, just work out out what and try again. There really is no need for crying.”

Red, as she preferred to be called, slid out from under the worktop and pulled her hanky from her nose. It was bordered with black and white cats, just like her little Shadow. She blew her nose and wiped her eyes.

Her spell book was sat closed on the surface opposite the cooker. She opened it to the bookmarked page and looked down the spell’s instructions.

So that was what she had missed!



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