#Blogbattle : Cleaning

*This post is very late. I had a life hiccup on Tuesday and it didn’t get posted. It was written on Sunday, but I haven’t had time since then to proof it and post it. 

This week’s #blogbattle theme word is deterge. #Blogbattle is a weekly event hosted by the wonderful Racheal Ritchey over at the new #Blogbattle site. Take a look at her website and books as well. It’s worth it.

Genre: Contemporary


Leah stood back, satisfied with her work. The kitchen looked lovely and clean, shining and sparkling in a way that she had never seen before.

Her rubber gloves squeaked as she pulled them off. Sunlight slanted in through the window, highlighting the cooker and surfaces around it. Highlighting a little speck of dirt on one of the rings.

She bit the inside of her lip. That couldn’t stay there.

She pulled her gloves back on, and picked up her cleaning basket again. Over at the cooker, she scrubbed at the piece off dirt. Gone, she looked over her shoulder, and saw the tracks she’d made over the still-wet floor.

It was all ruined now.

She got the bucket out, filled it in the sink, but then the bucket made a smudge in the sink. That would have to be cleaned again.

So, really, she might as well start over completely. That would be best.

The clocked ticked on. Her stomach growled. But she couldn’t eat until she’d deterged this room.

Then of course there was the living room. It really needed doing.

Darkness filled the flat, and exhaustion took hold of her. She stood at her bedroom door and looked over the room. It really needed cleaning. Perhaps she could start there tomorrow. After going shopping of course. Her heart quickened and her stomach turned over. There were so many people out there, and none of them were clean, not properly. But she needed food. And cleaning supplies.

She rubbed at her eyes. That was something to think about tomorrow. Tonight she needed sleep.

She dressed carefully, making sure that her dirty clothes didn’t touch the fresh, cleaned pyjamas. The old ones went in the laundry basket. They would be washed in the morning.

She shut them in the cupboard by the bathroom, then shut the bathroom door.

Now it was safe to sleep.

She got into her bed, into freshly washed sheets. They would go in the wash with the clothes and pyjamas in the morning. Then the dryer. Then back on the bed.

Her eyes closed amid thoughts of tomorrow’s cleaning.



17 thoughts on “#Blogbattle : Cleaning

  1. Great piece of writing – it stressed me out (in a good way, I could feel her OCD). As someone who sees cleaning as a necessary evil, it was interesting to read another viewpoint.

    Liked by 2 people

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