Writing Update (#15)

Well, these past two weeks have been full of change. If you read last week’s post, you’ll know what part of that change is, and the other part is my schedule. I felt I wasn’t getting enough writing done, and I was spending my time doing other things that weren’t really necessary in the larger picture.

So I’ve cut down on TV, and am spending more time writing and reading. Which, honestly, I’m really enjoying. I feel like I’ve got a lot more done, and at the end o the day feel a lot more satisfied than before.

Which leads me into Elondria. I’ve been doing a lot of worldbuilding recently, and am now thinking that I know most of what I need to know to actually start writing the story. I just need to organise my scene list into chapters, do a  little more worldbuilding, and I think I’m good to go.

Which is exciting. But also scary. I’m feeling scared of writing those first words because I want them to be perfect, even though I know that they can’t be perfect, and they won’t be. No first draft ever is. And really, even though this is a rewrite, it still kind of feels like a first draft, because so much has changed.

So at some point in the next week, hopefully, I’ll be getting those first words down.

Speaking of words though, I was going through my old files a while ago, and discovered that the wordcount for the original manusript was 242, 086 words! It was very unwieldy, and rambling.

Suffice to say I’ve improved a lot since then.

I also won CampNaNo at the end of last week by completing my short story that’s really more of a novella. There are two scenes in it at least that felt more like  summary of events than actual story. so they need expanding. So it will end up even longer. That’s good, though. I really like the story.

I’ve also written this week’s blogbattle story, which has now gone back to weekly. Which means Winter’s story will wrap up sooner than I thought. Sad and pleased about that.

I also introduced one of Elondria’s character’s in my Beautiful People post this week. It was good to delve a little further into his character.

I think that’s it, so I’ll leave you with this:

The reading of a fine book is an uninterrupted dialogue in which the book speaks and our soul replies.

~André Maurois


8 thoughts on “Writing Update (#15)

  1. I can so relate to this update, Phoenix. I was reviewing so many books and doing so many things that my brain was literally shutting down. Now I’ve cut down on everything and spending quality time with the book I WANT to read and writing my book. And as you said, it indeed feels very satisfactory at the end of the day knowing that I’ve done what I wanted to do without wasting time on trivial things 🙂

    Congrats on winning Camp NaNo. I hope you’ll share more about your story soon!
    I completed in time too, but forgot to visit the site and validate, so no certificate for me 😔

    242, 086 words! You kidding me!!! I literally cry at the prospect of writing 90K. Lol!

    And that quote!!! LOVE IT 😍

    Good to see that you’re making such a beautiful progress, Phoenix! All the very best 🙂

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    1. Oh, that’s not good. 😦 At least you have the satisfaction of knowing that you did it, and the words to prove it. 🙂 And it will soon be November NaNo, so another chance to get a certificate, if you’re doing that one?
      Yep, the first manuscript was A LOT of words. But it was written over a couple of years, so not too bad. I think I rambled on far too much. 🙂

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      1. Yeah, that’s true. NaNo will be here soon.
        I just printed out my FD and it’s so rewarding that now I’m not missing the certificate… hehe… 😉
        And yes, I’ll be doing NaNo. And this time, I’ll try to give my 200% as I really have to polish and finish the second book this year 🙂
        Are you also participating?
        I tend to do a lot of rambling too. Sometimes I have difficulty determining when to ‘finish’ the first draft, as in it has to end at some point right. Lol. That’s why I like working with a word-count target in WriMos.
        Hope your progress is going smooth.
        Have a great weekend​ 🙂

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      2. Great then. I find NaNo’s a little intimidating (still.) God knows why? But I do. And knowing that you’ll be doing it too makes me feel a little better (last year I was glad that you were doing it, but I didn’t write anything substantial as I let the intimidation get the better of me.) I think the overall number of people (which I think is in millions) exhausts me.
        Well, this time I’ll try and get over my fears 🙂
        Hope you’re having a great day 🙂

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      3. The idea of writing so many words in one month can be intimidating. I think being prepared helps a lot. If I can help you in any way, let me know. 🙂


      4. Great. Thanks. And agreed, the word count is sure intimidating, but I hate the number of people participating in NaNos… the millions and billions babbling about NaNo on their social feeds the entire month makes me go crazy and then seeing everyone hitting their targets like it’s a peice of cake really makes me doubt my writing again and agian.
        Still, I do love participating. WriMo’s are not exactly like an addiction, but if I miss even a single one I feel like I’m losing out on a LOT more than just 50K words. Guess I’m starting to be dependent on WriMos. Hmmm… well, I guess it’s fine as long as the drafts are getting written 🙂

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      5. Seeing people doing well can be intimidating, I agree. I think I tend to see it more as a competitive thing though. Which is perhaps just my nature.
        I know what you mean about missing them. I haven’t missed one yet, or lost one, so I’m determined to keep my streak going. 🙂
        Precisely, as long as the words are getting written, that’s the most important thing.

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