Writing Update (#14)

It’s actually summer in the UK! For one week only, of course. 🙂

Unfortunately though, that beings pollens, and pollens means hayfever, and hayfever means a lot of tiredness and not writing.

This week has been patchy because of the aforementioned problem. But I am making steady progress.

Elondria is coming along nicely now. I’ve been doing like a storyboard for it, putting all the scenes together into some sort of order, and it actually looks and reads like a story. It’s in Scrivener, waiting on worldbuilding and a tightening up of the middle. Then, fingers crossed, it should be ready for me to write the second first draft. Finally!

Natalya wasn’t doing so well until yesterday when I did a virtual write-in and got just over 2k words done. That made me smile. 🙂 So I’m currently on track with that.

No #blogbattle story again this week because of dates being muddled up, but it really should be here next week.

Today, I’m going to leave you with something a little different. I don’t talk about it much but the following article really resonated with me. I recognised a lot of what was said in it. So, if you like, take a read. Even if you don’t identify, it might help you to understand someone else who would.

She’s Novel:Writing When Depressed


4 thoughts on “Writing Update (#14)

  1. 😦 I’m sorry to hear your allergies have been acting up, Phoenix. But I’m glad you’ve been able to continue working on your writing despite all that. Keep it up, and I hope you feel better soon!

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