Writing Update (#11)

First off, I’m sorry I didn’t get an update posted last week. I was busy, and honestly? I forgot. By the time I remembered I was too tired to string a coherent sentence together.

And then the week took over. And I decided I would leave it and pick it up again this week.

So here I am.

With, unfortunately, not much to report.

On Elondria, I’ve started outlining the basic structure of the story. There are still a few holes to fill in, but slowly, it’s getting there. I’m not getting much done at the moment because of the aforementioned busyness.

I did manage to get a short story started though. I was waiting around between appointments because one thing had been cancelled (it’s a complicated mess) and I used the opportunity to whip out the notebook and get some writing done. So that’s started. Currently waiting for further progress. It’s provisionally called “Natalya” – the name of the protagonist.

And I’ve written the #blogbattle story for next week. So that just needs editing and proofing and it’s ready to go.

So, yeah, not much progress for two weeks. But some’s better than none.

Unfortunately something’s had to be prioritised over everything else – including writing. It is short term, and will hopefully result in something really good.

The future is looking marginally hopeful. 🙂

So I will leave you with this:

Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

~Mandy Hale


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