Writing Update (#7)

This week has been pretty good, as far as writing goes. I had a bad headache on Monday that meant I didn’t get anything done. But other than that, I’ve had a fairly quiet week (not expecting many more of those in the foreseeable future) so I’ve had a good chance to work on my WIP.

Elondria is still in the worldbuilding/character building phases. Also, research is needed. I decided to change the era I’m going for a little while ago, so I’ve got to do a bit more research than originally planned. (I sometimes think I’m making this as hard as possible for myself.)

I finished some basic pre-outline stuff this week, and now I’m typing up plot, worldbuilding, and character notes, along with attempting to make sense of them. I think I’ve contradicted myself in places, so it’s a good thing I’m wading through it all.

I’ve also started to write a Beautiful People post, answering some questions about my protagonist, and that’s made me think about deeper into her character. That post will hopefully by going up on Thursday.

I think that’s it for this week, so I will leave you with the following:

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, but only saps today of its strength.”

~A.J. Cronin

Hope you’ve had a good week. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Writing Update (#7)

  1. A good quote on not to worry.
    I’m glad you got more plot and outlines done. I’m trying to organize my notes for future books too. I do think we writers tend to make things harder for ourselves, lol, but it will turn out great in the end. 🙂

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    1. I’ve certainly made myself work by writing my notes out by hand. Unfortunately, a notebook doesn’t have a search function. :/
      Yes, things do come together in the end. Usually. 🙂
      Glad you like the quote.

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