The Weeping Willow

As there’s no #blogbattle this week (it’s moved to bi-weekly), I thought I would take the opportunity to write a short story on Describli. Of course, the site’s playing up, so I’m not sure I’ll get it posted over there. But here it is on my blog anyway.

Enjoy. 🙂

The Weeping Willow

She looks up at the tree, at the branches swaying above her head. The breeze is nice, warm, carrying the heady scent of spring turning into summer.

A beautiful day. The sun shining in a clear blue sky.

She reaches up, touches one of the branches, feels the drooping leaves run like feathers across her fingers.

Memories caress her mind. Days of running and dancing through the fields, seeing not grass and trees and sky but imaginary worlds her and Carrie dreamed up.

She smiles, sadly. She will never have those days again.

A shadow covers her a for a moment, and her smile turns to joy. “Fiona! You came.” She sits up as the other girl sits down.

Their arms find their way around each other. “Of course I came,” Fiona says. “I told you I would find a way.”

The sadness comes back to tinge her smile. “They didn’t see you?”

They pull apart, gazes locked on each other. “No. They didn’t. I was careful.” She lightens her tone. “Now, let’s forget about them and be happy while we are together.”

Fiona’s right. They have such little time together, they have to make the most of it, or it will fly away as time is wont to do.

She lays down again, and Fiona does the same. “So, what’s happening with you now?” The willow fills her vision as she waits for the reply.

“Well, school’s still school. I’m trying to pass, but it’s still hard. My friends don’t understand why I can’t give you up. They think I’m crazy, to risk so much.”

She turns over, so that she’s looking into Fiona’s eyes. “Maybe you are.”

“No. Don’t ever say that. This is worth everything. And if they find out, and I’m cast out with nothing…well, at least I’ll still have you.”

Her heart can’t help but resound in happiness at those words, to know she’s cherished so. But at the same time, her heart squeezes in anguish to know she’s causing so much heartache and difficulty. “You’re really sure it’s worth it?”

Fiona takes her hand, winds their fingers together. “I am.” Then she leans forward, and their lips meet in one moment of bliss. “I will never let them take you away from me.”

Her eyes are fierce, like she’s ready to go into battle for their love.

“I love you, Fiona, but be careful, please?”

“I love you too.” Another kiss, then a change in subject. “So what about you? What have you been doing?”

“The same as usual. The painting’s almost complete now. When it is, maybe I could sell it, get some money together. Save. And maybe one day we could be free of all this. Together somewhere safe.” It’s a dream that won’t die. It lives in her mind constantly, breathing life into her when she thinks she can’t take anymore.

“That would be amazing,” Fiona says, and kisses her hand, the knuckles, just where it sends a thrill running down her spine. “I’ll soon have finished school too. My exams are in a few weeks. After that…no one can tell us what to do.”

She smiles, and looks up at the willow branches again. Still swaying in that sweet breeze.

“There’s a world out there where we won’t have to hide. I know it. I can feel it.”

“I believe that too. We’re not wrong. No matter what they say.” Their fingers squeeze tighter together.

And the willow keeps on swaying.



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