Goodbye 2015 Hello 2016

I’ve just been looking back on the post I wrote this time last year, setting out my goals for the year ahead while welcoming the new year and saying goodbye to the old one.

I had a lot of ambitions. Some worked. Some didn’t. Probably more fell into the latter category. But I did start a couple of projects that weren’t on that list. The #blogbattle stories have been one of them, and the weekly short stories for Describli have been another.

I have one writing-related goal for this year: Get the second draft of my longest-suffering and most insane-making WIP finally done. It’s the first serious draft I completed, and I know it can be a wonderful story. I just need to focus on it and it alone to get it done. That is my aim this year. If all I get is the second draft out by the end of the year I’ll be happy.

I will be continuing with short stories on the blog though, because life without writing something fresh would be unbearable. πŸ™‚

I also want to develop my blog a bit more in the coming year. Not sure how at the moment, but I feel that it holds more potential.

Life has had its hard moments this last year. And from some news I got today, next year’s shaping up to be another one full of challenges. But I feel that I’m getting t where I want to be. And that’s hope to cling on to.

Happy New Year to all reading, to all who have followed my blog and read my posts and liked and commented. I really do feel that my life is a lot more interesting with you all in it. So I raise a virtual glass and say “Cheers!”



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