Lena: The Past Part 21

Welcome to this week’s instalment of my Describli-prompt inspired story. I’m thinking this one might be the last one. I know it doesn’t entirely wrap everything up. But I feel like it feels like the end. If that makes sense. If anyone has any opinions, please share. 🙂

Part 21

The blue-lipped woman dropped to the ground, a crumpled heap of limbs and dress. The next part of Zinna’s plan raced through Lena’s mind. Take her apart.

But the scream.

She turned. Zinna was fighting the blue-lipped woman’s men, her feet and ands flying at speed, taking out one after the other. Tang was on the ground, blood pooling around his abdomen.

The scream replayed in her mind. It had formed a word. Tang.

What to do?

Zinna flashed around and caught her eye. She needed help. The plan had changed with Tang’s injury.

Lena rushed forward, taking her regular gun from its holster. She shot, taking out several men in quick succession. Zinna worked with her hands, always preferring it that way.

It seemed like a long time, but must have only been moments before the men were defeated. Lena looked down at Tang, her shoulder aching where she’d taken a heavy hit.

“No time,” Zinna said, stalking to where the woman still lay, unmoving. “We have to get rid of the threat. Now.”

“But he’s-“

“So will we all be if we don’t get rid of this woman!” Her eyes were hard, her voice harder.

Lena knew she was right. But she still felt like she was tearing in two as she followed her to the woman with blue lips.

Zinna crouched down and took hold of one of the woman’s arms. She wrapped her hands around the shoulder and pulled. The arm came off with a sharp crack. Wires spilled out, and circuit boards blinked small flashing lights. “We were right,” Lena murmured. “A machine.”

“I didn’t doubt it,” Zinna said. “Now help me get her apart.”

Lena worked as fast as she could, conscious of Tang’s life ebbing away behind her. When only the head remained, she gave in and said, “You finish, I have to look at Tang.”

Zinna gave her a conflicting look. It said she understood, but she didn’t agree. Usual Zinna.

Lena ran over to where Tang still lay. The blood pool wasn’t getting any larger now. She put her fingers to his throat, desperate to find a pulse. A weak one. His skin was clammy. Neither good signs. “He needs help,” she said, looking over her shoulder at Zinna. “Now.”

The head of the machine was off, all of its parts laid out, at least a foot’s width between them all. Zinna was stood, presiding over the destruction. “Call Leo,” she said, “transport Tang back. Then we’ll transport the rest of these.”

Lena already had the comm device in her hand, not really waiting for Zinna’s permission. It crackled into life, Leo’s voice urgent on the other end. “What’s happened? Are you okay?”

“Me and Zinna are, but Tang needs help. Transport me and him over now.”

“Okay. I’m in the cargo bay anyway. One moment.”

She shut the device down and waited, eyes closed. The getting-familiar sense of disorientation came over her, along with wave of nausea.

Then her feet were back on familiar ground. She opened her eyes and saw Leo looking at her through the transporter’s clear door. She pushed it open, and Leo helped her pull Tang from the small cubicle. A trail of smeared blood followed him.

“What happened?” Leo asked, his face white.

“He got shot, and Zinna wants you to transport her and the bits of the blue-lipped woman over here next.”

He wrinkled his nose.

“I know. But she’s got some plan up her sleeve, and I trust her.”

“Okay, but what about Tang?”

“She has the best medical knowledge, get her back here and she can help him.”

She wouldn’t necessarily want to, but she would. For Lena.

Leo got up and went to the transporter controls. He spoke to Zinna over the comms, organising the transport, but Lena wasn’t really listening. She looked over Tang, and found the wound on his abdomen. A laser gun had shot right into him, burning and tearing the skin. Much like Kellan’s wound. Only this one sat right where the kidney would be.

It had stopped bleeding, and looked a mess. Lena laid a hand on his forehead, and felt for his pulse again with her other hand. She couldn’t find it. And his skin was still clammy.

They weren’t going to save him.

The noise of transporter buzzed in the background, then Zinna was knelt beside her.

“What do you think?” Lena asked.

Zinna repeated Lena’s actions, then shook her head. “I think it’s too late.”

Lena sat back on her heels. This was a great man. He shouldn’t die like this. Tears blurred her vision.

“Are you sure?”

“His pulse has gone. The wound’s deep. Even if we did bring him back, the kidney would be lost, and he’s only got the one.”


Zinna pointed to a scar on the other side of his body. A kidney removal scar.
Tang was lost.

But the battle was won.

This week’s prompt: Contrasting opinions.


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    1. It’s hard to keep up with everything. There aren’t enough hours i the day to keep up with all the blogs I want to. If you have time at any point, you can always read the previous installments. 🙂

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