Lena: The Past, Part 17

I am patiently waiting for this story to find an end.


So far, not happened.

,Welcome to  Part 17 of my Describli-prompt inspired story. Here every Thursday. Though, the day may change slightly in the coming weeks. Thursdays have just decided to get busy. I’ll try to keep to the schedule, but fora  couple of weeks it may land on a Friday.

Part 18 here next week. 🙂

Part 17

The moment Leo’s ship blinked onto the radar screen Lena’s heart thumped hard against her ribs. He was back. Hopefully with fuel, and then they could get going.

She opened the launch bay doors when he signalled the request, then shot from her seat and down to the landing bay.

As soon as the bay re-pressurised, she shot the doors open and rushed in. Leo jumped down from the cockpit, looking more than relieved. He ruffled his hair and exhaled deeply.

“You’re back!” She threw her arms around him in a hug. “And you’re okay!”
“I am. But you’re crushing me.”

“Sorry.” She pulled back and her heart started to slow its rapid pace. “Did you get it?”

He pointed at the hatch on the side of the ship. “I did. Though we officially now have no money left.”

“That doesn’t matter. You’re safe and we can get moving again. That’s what does matter. Tell me everything that happened while we get her filled up.”

They headed down to the engine room together, Lena listening to Leo’s story about flying to Delta Space Station and negotiating with the traders and coming back again. It had all gone relatively smoothly, which, he was quick to point out, only went to show that it was her and Zinna that caused and attracted the trouble. She let his comments slide only because she was so relieved to have him back in one piece.

She inserted the fuel rods into the engine, and the ship immediately sprang into life. It was like it was waking after a long sleep. Everything seemed brighter and louder – much more so than she remembered it. A trick of the imagination, she assumed.

She radioed up to Lena, “The engine’s back in business. I’m going to set a course for Galen now.”

A crackly sigh over the line came back to her, then, “All right.”

Leo gave her a questioning look.

“I’ll explain on the way back up to the bridge.”

She moved quickly, her words and feet matching each other’s rapid pace. She explained what had happened and been said while he was away. He seemed a bit sceptical, like Zinna. “It seems like a bit of a leap.”

“Maybe, I know. But it’s better safe than sorry, right? Besides, Tang agrees with me.”

“What? You’ve spoken to him?”

“Took me four tries on the radio, but I tracked him down. We’re going to meet him there. He thinks it sounds plausible.” She halted in front of the bridge controls and punched in a course for Galen. “Apparently it’ll take us ten hours from our current position,” she said, more to herself than Leo.

“Enough time to get cleaned up and have a rest then,” he said.

The ship hummed as it moved, a happy sound to Lena’s ears. “Yes. I’m sorry, this must be a lot for you to take in after your trip.”

He half-smiled. “Yes, But I’ve come to expect that with you. Life never stands still with you and Zinna.”

“You love us really,” she said, grinning.

He grinned back, but it slipped into a yawn. “Sorry,” he mumbled.

“Don’t apologise, just go and get some rest. I’ll let you know when we’re there.”

He nodded, and turned.

She watched him leave the bridge, a little doubt creeping into her heart. Tang agreed, she reminded herself. She could be right or she could be wrong, but it was better safe than sorry. She was a firm believer in that saying.

Besides, she didn’t need to persuade everyone. This was her ship. Therefore it was her decision.

She left the bridge and went back once more to the infirmary. Zinna was still browsing on her tablet, and the man was still asleep. So Lena sat down silently in the corner, on the chair she had sat in before, and thought. She thought about Galen, about all she knew of the colonised world, and tried to think of other explanations as to how the man had ended up in the service of the blue-lipped woman.

There were so many possibilities, so many paths that could have led him there.

She stood up and moved over to the bedside. There was only one way to find out.

Wake him, and ask him.

This week’s prompt: Persuading everyone


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  1. Hi phoenix. Sorry to be a pain but hugheswrites.wordpress.com nominated you to take the next line in my one liner challenge. I recall you doing it before so I just wondered if you will be doing another line or if you would like me to send it elsewhere. The choice is entirely your. Cheers waffles😉

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