#FridayPhrases (#57)

Well it’s gotten round to that time again. My weekly FridayPhrases post. Time is going far too quickly. It’s October already. Winter’s coming.

Anyway, instead of my rambling thoughts, FridayPhrases is a weekly microfiction event hosted on Twitter. Check out the link for more information. Or ask. 🙂

This week’s theme: Once and for all.

My tweets:

She made her choice, once and for all. No more giving in to fear. No more hiding away. Today would be the day of her new beginning.

Once and for all, she walked away. She would take no more of his abuses and negativity. She would not turn back. Time to move on.

Once and for all, she told me, all of this would end. She would quit, she would be herself again. But she was lying. She always was.


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