#FridayPhrases (#54)

Welcome to my regular FridayPhrases post. 🙂 This is a weekly microfiction event on Twitter. It’s fun, I find. Check the link for more information.

I submitted a couple of pieces of flash fiction for the upcoming FridayPhrases ebook last week. It took some courage, but I knew I had to take the opportunity. I now wait nervously to know if I’ll be accepted or not.

I don’t like this feeling. Yet I do. It’s strange. :/

This week’s theme: Before the storm.

My tweets:

I run before the storm, thunder at my heels. I want to escape  its anger, its fury. It will catch me  up. But still I run.

Just before the storm, a moment of calm, stillness in the chaos. You take my hand, and smile. You embody the courage I wish I had.

Things were different before the storm. I was whole. I could seer the world just like you do. I wasn’t haunted by these memories.


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