#FridayPhrases (#53)

Here we are once more with my regular FridayPhrases post. This is a weekly microfiction event on Twitter. Check out the link for more information. ๐Ÿ™‚

This week’s theme: epitaph, and this photo

My tweets:

The epitaph of her life, just words on paper. But those words touch hearts, dry tears, and heal wounds. How could she want more?

Her hand reaches down, picks up her case. Time to go, so see what’s beyond the gate. Into the blue.

Sadness. Heartbreak. Wrong choices. This is her life. This will be her epitaph. She stares down into the black river. Then jumps.

She stands on the threshold. The blue skies are tempting her to leave the black clouds behind. But can she take that first step? She moves.


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