#FridayPhrases (#49)

FridayPhrases once more. 🙂 This is a microfiction even I take part in every Friday on Twitter. The challenge is to write a piece of microfiction in 140 characters. There is a theme each week, but this is optional.

This week’s theme: paradox (this was an interesting one as I wasn’t entirely sure of the definition of the word. The dictionary came in handy. 😀 )

My tweets:

My feelings for you are a paradox. I love you, but infuriate me so. How do you inspire such a tumult of emotion?

You are a paradox. You move in harmony with the world, yet scream at its injustices. You move with rhythm, yet dance with two left feet.

My paradox. My love. My world. My only. You smile, I follow. You rage, I follow. You cry, I comfort. I wish to be free. Yet I stay.

I wish to be free. My heart aches over your words. How can you wound me still, after all these years? I am trapped in a broken heart.


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