#FridayPhrases (#48)

Another week has gone by and another FridayPhrases has been and gone. 🙂 And here I am again with my round-up post of my creations this week.

For more information on FridayPhrases check out the link or post any questions in the comments.

This week’s theme: Baggage.

My tweets:

I come with baggage, a past that isn’t easy to accept. But I can’t change it, I won’t hide it. I am who I am.

She pulled her baggage behind her, the wheels of the suitcase rattling on the pavement, eyes locked on the horizon. No going back.

So much baggage, weighs down the heart. Pulls down the spirit and tires the mind. To leave it behind, to detach and move on… if only.

We both have baggage, both have problems. Things we can’t deny or leave behind. Sharp words cut deep, add to the hurt. Do you realise?


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