Lena: The Past, Part 5

Here is Part 5 of my Describli-prompt inspired story. I feel like the story’s really starting to come together and get somewhere now.

Part 6 next week.

If you’ve missed any of the previous parts, there’s a link in the menu above to a page that lists them all.

Happy reading. 🙂

The Past, Part 5

“I’ll admit it’s strange but I don’t see how it’s connected,” Zinna said.

The sea level was still the same and the water still frozen. The man – Alya, he had said his name was that morning – had taken Leo out, dressed in heavy furs, to investigate what had happened overnight. He had been as baffled as they were. Zinna was the only one Lena had told of her dream.

Lena rubbed away the mist that had formed from their breath on the window pane. “I don’t either, but how can it be a coincidence, especially when Alya says he’s never seen anything like it before.”

Zinna shook her head and returned to the fire.

She followed. “I know it doesn’t make any sense. But then, it doesn’t really make sense that a red button appeared in our ship that transported us into the past and onto Earth, does it?”

Her expression was pensive. “Remember Tang?”

“Of course.”

“He travelled through time.”

“Yes, but it was the woman… oh.”

“Yes. Her.”

Was it possible? The blue-lipped woman, the thing that wasn’t human, but wasn’t entirely machine either – they had made an enemy of her, and she was still out there somewhere. Was it possible that she was responsible for this?

“Can you think of any other explanation?” Zinna asked.

She couldn’t. “But why? What does she want? What’s her motivation?”

“While we’re here, what’s happening with the ship?”

“But what would she want with the ship?”

Zinna got up, walked to the wall and back again. “Because I may have kept some of the gold she wanted, and hidden it in my room.”

Disbelief. Anger. Back to disbelief, and then anger and disbelief together. “You did what?”

“I kept a bit. I thought one day you might want it. A remnant from your precious Earth.” She threw her hands up in the air, indicating all that surrounded them. “I wanted to have it made into something nice for you.” She sounded, and looked, as if she were angry with both herself and Lena for it.

Gold on the ship that the blue-lipped woman wanted. Her ship. “She’ll destroy it.” Tears stood in her eyes. Anger given way to loss and fear.

Zinna, arms folded, didn’t move. “I’m sorry Lena. So, so sorry. I didn’t think she’d realise one little bit still existed. I thought we’d be safe. I thought wrong. I want to put this right but I don’t know how.” Her arms dropped by her sides. Useless.

The ship was probably gone by now. Destroyed. The blue-lipped woman would have the gold, be doing the-universe-knew-what with it. All that danger to destroy the stuff was pointless….

Lena got up, grabbed some of the furs Alya had left behind, and wrapped them around herself. “Stay here,” she said to Zinna. Then left.

The door closed as the cold enveloped her. It froze the tears before they could fall.

Zinna had betrayed her. It didn’t matter the reasons. She had been betrayed.
It had all been for nothing.

She hoped Tang wasn’t feeling the repercussions of this as well.

And what would the blue-lipped woman do with the material she had? Would it be enough to give her what she wanted? To extend her and her peoples’ lives.

Lena started to walk, following the line gouged into the ice by Alya. He had left it to follow it back. Everything out here looked the same.

A light flickered. Lena stopped walking.

An image of a woman appeared. Blue lips.

Lena’s heart thumped painfully. Shock. Fear.

There you are, blue lips said, you have been hard to find.

So many words wanted to tumble out of Lena at once, but she couldn’t say anything.

I need you to do something for me.

The dam broke. “You sent us here.”


“To take my ship.”

And so that you could retrieve more of what I need.

“No,” Instinctual.

I think you’ll change your mind. I have your brother. Leo. And his companion. You will retrieve the delat, or will lose them. It is your choice.

Despite the betrayal, Lena wished Zinna was there right then. Her rock. “Prove it,” she said. “Prove you have them.”

The hologram flickered, changing from the woman to two men, bound and bruised. Leo’s eye was swollen.

Lena clutched at the furs, right where her heart threatened to leave her chest.

The woman reappeared. Do we have a deal?

Leo was her brother. She had promised her father she would take care of him. So what other option did she have? “Okay, tell me what to do.”

Today’s prompt: A psychic argument.


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