#FridayPhrases (#45)

Boy the weeks go  by quickly! It’s here again – my FridayPhrases round-up post. FridayPhrases is a weekly microfiction event on Twitter. If you want to know more, visit the link, or ask. 🙂

This week’s theme: Slow motion

My tweets:

It all seemed to happen in slow motion. Even my heartbeat seemed to slow. I couldn’t take in her words. He was gone. Repeated.

You are breath, soul and spirit. In slow motion you move, taking my hands and pulling my to the edge. I jump because you jump.

She moves in slow motion, grace and beauty in every movement. I watch, awed. Toes on tips, she dances. Gentle fabric floats around her.

The world slows down, almost to a stop. I take the gun from his hands. Disaster averted. Anger in his face. I feel sad for him.


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