#FridayPhrases (#42)

My weekly FridayPhrases post again. This comes round quickly every week. The conclusion: the weeks go by far too fast. FridayPhrases is a weekly microfiction even on Twitter. Check out the link for more info, or ask. I don’t mind. 🙂

This week’s theme: When it’s time

My tweets:

I wonder how I’ll know when it’s time, will there be a fanfare, or a drumroll, or will it simply happen, quietly, silently? The end.

She wished she’d taken more time to know him, for when his time came, she wasn’t ready. Too much unsaid, not done. Too many regrets.

When it’s time, I will start, I will take one step forward. But will it ever be time? Now is the time. The perfect time. I move.


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