#Blogbattle : The Frog

This week’s #blogbattle word prompt is frog. This is run by Rachael Ritchey over on her blog Writing Rachael Ritchey. I encourage you to check out her blog, and this challenge.

The rules:
1. 1000 words max
2. fictional tale (or true if you really want)
3. PG (no more than PG-13) Content – let’s keep this family friendly! (this week will be difficult, I know. That’s a somewhat violent word! Remember, use your imagination. 🙂 )
4. Your story must contain the word(s) from the theme and/or be centered around the theme in a way that shows it is clearly related
5. Go for the entertainment value!
6. Use the hashtag #BlogBattle, put a link back to your #BlogBattle Short Story in the comments section of this post, and/or include a link to this post in your own blog post (it creates a “ping-back” which will alert me and our friends to your #BlogBattle post)7. Have fun!
As I said I would do in a comment to a reader, I have added an option to the menu above to a page that lists all the Winter #blogbattle story.

(Just a sidenote: I was incredibly tired when I wrote this, so if there are any major gaffs, that’s why.) (Yes, again.)

Here’s my entry for this week:

The Frog

Nutkin’s face blanched. “What is it?”

Winter pointed over his shoulder, her hand shaking. “They’re behind you.” The words were barely above a whisper, her voice choked by the fear that raced through her.

Nutkin turned his head, slowly. “Oh no…” he muttered.

The bees drew closer together, their sights set on Winter and the window behind her. “What do we do?” she asked.

But there was no time for a reply.

The bees flew at them.

Cilla took off, flitting away out into the garden.

Winter dove back through the window, as Nutkin jumped off the sill and down into the garden.

Some of the bees hit the glass, sounding like rain pattering in a short burst. The rest poured through the gap. Winter dove into a plant pot, hiding herself among the yellow flowers.

The bees headed back to the jam.

Winter’s heart sank. She was back where she’d started.


Her heart did a painful thump. A frog. That had been a frog’s noise.

She looked around for the culprit, and spotted it sat in the corner of the windowsill, staring at her through large, round eyes.

How had that got in the kitchen?


Winter stepped out from behind the plant, watching the bees out of the corner of her eye. She jumped down from the plant pot and approached the frog. It sat watching. It didn’t even seem to be breathing. Then, suddenly, it cocked its head.

She jumped back slightly. Frogs were strange creatures. Fairies tended to stay away from them. They were too likely to mistake them for an insect and swallow them whole. But frogs also ate bees. Maybe it would help her scare them away. Layla would be back soon. She had to come back to a nice calm kitchen.

Winter cleared her throat. “Excuse me, but I wonder if I could get your help?”

The frog’s eyes swivelled slightly, seeming to move to focus on her. “Perhaps,” it croaked. “What do you want me to do, and what’s in it for me?”

“Well, I want you to help me get those bees,” she pointed over her shoulder with her thumb, “back outside. What do you want?”

He cocked his head to the other side. “I want to get back outside as well. But that window is too narrow now to get back through, Promise me you’ll get me out there back to my pond, and I’ll help you with your bee problem.”

Winter looked at the window. How on earth was she going to get the frog through that? It needed to be wider open. But she couldn’t move it, and neither could Nutkin, and he was the strongest creature she knew.

But, the bees had to go, so she would find a way. “Okay,” she said. “You help me get the bees out, and I’ll get you out.” Somehow.

The frog bobbed his head, as best he could. “Agreed.”


20 thoughts on “#Blogbattle : The Frog

  1. Am so glad you went for a talking frog – so did I!
    Liked it – you are very creative twisting this tale to fit the blog battles! Have tons of creative respect for you 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aw, you’re making me blush. 🙂 Frogs creep me out a bit actually, and the talking one definitely did. I’m going to be brave and check your story out very soon. 🙂 Right now I’m fighting the urge to close my eyes and drift off into the land of nod….

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Love how this story continues from week to week!! I don’t like frogs much, and you described yours like I think they really are…a little creepy. Can’t wait to see how Winter figures this one out…I know she will. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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