Real Neat Blog Award

I am really behind with awards. I have been nominated for several over the last few months and not been able to find the time to accept them. So I’m starting now. The wonderful Sara Letourneau nominated me for the Real Neat Blogger Award last month. I encourage you to check her blog out.

The rules are simple. Answer five questions posed by your nominator, and pose five questions to your four or five nominees.

Here goes with my answers.

1. What is your favourite book that you’ve read so far this year? Why?

Clariel, by Garth Nix. I received this book for Christmas and had to read it as soon as possible even though I had lots of books at waiting to be read. I read Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen by Nix when they were published, and I loved them. Clariel didn’t disappoint me. I love the world he has created, and I really liked the characters as well.

2. Which literary character do you relate to most? Why?

Ooh, this is a hard one. I’m not sure there are an literary characters that I really relate to. Most of the books I’ve read I’ve enjoyed because of the story, or I’ve liked the characters. One of the big driving forces behind me starting to write my own stories was because I couldn’t find any that I relate to, that I felt represented me as a person.

3. Pick any fictional world you’d like to visit. What would you do there? Also, what you would avoid doing? 😉

It would have to be the world of Firefly, Joss Whedon’s short-lived series. Its that or Middle Earth, and right now I feel in a sci-fi mood. What would I do there? have some pretty cool adventures! I would want to be on Serenity, and fly around and shoot things and generally try and not get killed. 🙂 What would I not do? Annoy Mal, or Zoe, or Rive. Part of the not getting killed strategy.

4. Now, pick one of your favourite places in real life, a place that feels like a second home. What is this place, and why is it special to you?

Well, I’m not a particularly well-travelled person. Unfortunately. Besides home. I can’t think of anywhere I would class as a second home. My fantasy world are that for me. Wow, that makes me sound a bit weird.

5. Share one of your favourite quotes. Why does it resonate with you?

The Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

As I’ve said on this blog before, I’m not religious, but I am open-minded. This quote touches me because there are a lot of things in my life I don’t like but I can’t change, a lot of things that I need to find the courage and change. A little wisdom to know the difference is always welcome.

Now, my four nominations are:

Rachael Ritchey

Chic Prune


Heena Rathore P.

And the five questions I pose:

1. Is there  one book that stands out from your childhood/teen years? What is it and why?

2. Do you have a  favourite author? Who? Any why?

3. If you could only travel to one place on Earth, where would it be?

4. If you had to choose between reading and writing for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

5. Is there a book/fantasy world that you wish you had written/created? What and why?


13 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award

    1. I thought you deserved a nomination. Your blog is very neat. 🙂 But don’t worry if you don’t want to accept. It’s not compulsory.

      And I don’t think there’s such a thing as quality books. Books are books. They all count. I’d be interested to know what you do read actually, and I bet you’d make such a fun post out of this. 🙂 But like I said, it’s not compulsory.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I worry about that too. But at the end of the day we read what we enjoy and if someone wants to be snobby about it that’s there problem. To me, they’re being narrow-minded and not worth it.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Just noticing this now! 🙂 Somehow I didn’t get a pingback when this posted, but I’m catching up now…

    You know, I haven’t read any of Gareth Nix’s work. I should probably fix that… Where would be a good place to start?

    *lol* It’s OK if your fantasy worlds seem like second homes to you. In some ways, they are for writers like you and me. We visit them as often – if not more often – than other places; and if we’re going to write about such places, we should. After all, we’re the ones who are most familiar with our own fictional realms, aren’t we? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Now I’m wondering if I did the link right… I’m not great with this technological stuff.

      As for Garth Nix, the only books of his I’ve read are Sabriel and its sequels/prequel. I would recommend Sabriel as a good starting place. I love the story. It’s currently sat at the top of my re-read pile.

      We certainly should know our own worlds the best. 🙂


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