#FridayPhrases (#38)

My regular FrdayPhrases post. This is a microfiction event on Twitter. Post micro stories in 140 characters related to the week’s theme, or not. Your choice. I find it’s good for getting m to say things is shorter, less rambling ways. Not that you’d know it soemtimes. 🙂

This week’s theme: Eyes in the dark.  – There was also a picture prompt this week. Click this link to see it.

My tweets:

Eyes in the dark, peer through the window out at the unknown world. Scary. she’d been told, bad. But was it really that awful?

Two doors. Two choices The choice, unbearable. Eyes closed, I step forward. Her life or mine.

We hold each other, enveloped in darkness. Her breath is soft, her eyes reflecting the moonlight that penetrates the room. Peace. Love.

Night encases me, wraps me in anonymous arms. Eyes see only stars in the darkness, points of light, there no matter what I do. Constant.


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