This post was inspired by a post on Chic Prune’s wonderful blog.

The authors that have inspired me are varied, they range from books I read as a child, to books I have only recently discovered.

1. J.R.R. Tolkien.

I first read Lord of the Rings as a teenager, or in my early twenties, I can’t exactly remember. I know I saw the films first. I was mesmerised by them. Then I read the books, and they completely absorbed me. Th depth of the worldbuilding and the characterisations was something Id never seen before. I loved the depiction of the elves, ad the wide range of different races/species in the world.

For me, Tolkien is one of the best fantasy writers that have ever lived. I have read a few of his other books, and plan on reading those I haven’t yet. The Lord of the Rings was my first foray into fantasy that isn’t urban fantasy. I am grateful for how it opened my eyes to a wonderful world of possibilities.

2.  Kelley Armstrong.

I remember reading the bitten, the first book in the Women of the Otherworld series quite a few years ago now, ad being blown away by her style of writing. It was casual, it was humorous, it felt real. Her take on werewolves, and hen later in the series, other supernatural species, gave me a lot of inspiration for my own writing.

3. Anna Sewell.

I read Black Beauty as a child and it had a real impact on me. I think it’s where my love of horses, and my strong compassion for animals started. Seeing Black Beauty’s mistreatment fro his perspective made me understand that like people, animals feel pain, they have feelings, and they deserve respect and to be treated well. The main impact it had on my writing is showing me that a story an be told from any perspective, human or not.

4. Joss Whedon.

Okay, I know, not technically an author. But there’s no way I could leave the creator, and very talented writer, of Buffy The Vampire Slayer off my list of inspirations. That show was my world in my teen years. I learned so much about storytelling from it. I learned that language isn’t static, and doesn’t always have to be perfect and formal. I learned that there are many was of telling a story. I learned that a story can incorporate so many different genres at once. It can be a melting pot of many different forms.


14 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. i’ll have more to say, at least when it comes to 1 and 4, but it’ll have to wait a little. mother’s day crept up on me like a ninja and now i’m trying to outrun the oncoming danger. in other words i’ll be figuring out a good gift this weekend…oddly i got a post for mother’s day lined up but that’s not gonna cut it gift wise 😉

    p.s. i’m not surprised by the ones we have in common, especially number 4. i thought of him when reading one of your serials but wasn’t sure you would take the comparison as a compliment or not. now i know better!

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    1. We had Mother’s Day here in the UK at the end of March, so I’ve got that one dealt with for another year. Not an occasion you want to miss!
      I’m pleased you thought of 4 when reading my writing. That’s one serious compliment. 😀


      1. well you’re welcome. i’ll try and find the post that made it sink in. and yes mother’s day is not to be missed (but i really thought it was at the end of this month – here in the us).


  2. Nice list, Phoenix! #1 would also be on my list. 🙂 Like you, I saw the movies before I read the books. But apart from K.A. Applegate’s Animorphs and EverWorld series as a teenager, Tolkien’s work was my gateway into fantasy, and perhaps the biggest reason why I’ve become a fantasy writer too. 🙂

    I’m more familiar with Joss Whedon from his work with the Marvel movies (specifically the two Avengers films) than Buffy, so I’m curious… Have you been following the Marvel film franchise?

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    1. I haven’t been following the Marvel films, no. I want to watch them, but several factors have so far prevented me. I’ve got my eye on the Avengers DVD. I am determined to see it. It’s good, apparently?

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      1. The first Avengers movie is very good, yes. It has some references / tie-ins to the Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America films that were released before it, but you should still be able to enjoy The Avengers if you haven’t seen them. Just know it alludes to previous history for some characters, that’s all.

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