#FridayPhrases (#35)

This is my regular FridayPhrases post. It’s a Twitter even held on Friday’s Check out the link for more information. I find it’s good writing practice, and good for inspiration too. Stretches the old creative muscles. 🙂

This week’s theme: Cracks

My tweets:

Crack. There went her patience. She balled her fist and took aim. The computer had had it this time.

The egg cracks. New life fights its way out, blinking in the harsh light of day. Hunger. Food. The warmth of a mother. All it needs.

How long before I crack? Before the aching inside becomes too much? How long before I close my eyes and know I can’t open them again?

I slip through the cracks, unnoticed. Fade into the shadows, become one with the darkness. I watch, I listen, I remember. Everything.


2 thoughts on “#FridayPhrases (#35)

  1. I think it’s interesting that in all of the tweets cracks referred to the act of breaking. I think I would have followed the same pattern. The first thing I thought was “she skipped, hopped and jumped over the cracks in the sidewalk. Not wanting to break her mothers back”. So interesting where the mind wanders to from a single word prompt. I need to start participating in this challenge! Great writing! Keep it up!

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