#Blogbattle : Silver

This week’s #blogbattle word prompt is silver. This is run by Raccheal Ritney over on her blog Writing Rachael Ritchey. I encourage you to check out her blog, and this challenge.
The rules:

1. 1000 words max
2. fictional tale (or true if you really want)
3. PG (no more than PG-13) Content – let’s keep this family friendly! (this week will be difficult, I know. That’s a somewhat violent word! Remember, use your imagination. 🙂 )
4. Your story must contain the word(s) from the theme and/or be centered around the theme in a way that shows it is clearly related
5. Go for the entertainment value!
6. Use the hashtag #BlogBattle, put a link back to your #BlogBattle Short Story in the comments section of this post, and/or include a link to this post in your own blog post (it creates a “ping-back” which will alert me and our friends to your #BlogBattle post)
7. Have fun!

Here’s my entry for this week:

Silver Ring

Layla took the ring off, placed it on the table. Picked it up, put it back on again. Took it off.

Held it up to the light and looked through the centre.

Winter’s face appeared. “Can’t make your mind up?” she asked.

Discomfort. Caught in the act. She put the ring on the table. “I thought you were playing with Nutkin.”

“I was. It’s started to rain. What are you doing with that ring?” She hovered over it, bending her head to get a better look. “Something’s written on the inside,” she muttered, and dropped lower, no doubt trying to read it.

Layla took the ring back and slipped it on her finger once more. “It’s an inscription,” she said quickly, then changed the subject. “Have you seen Crystal, or any of the others today?”

Or tried. “No. What does the inscription say?”

She twisted the ring around her finger. “Nothing important.” She stood. “I think I’ll put the kettle on.”

Winter followed her from the living room, hovering at her shoulder. “It’s something painful to think of, isn’t it?”

“You’ll make me look like I have dandruff,” Layla said, brushing the small snowdrops off her shoulder that were falling from Winter’s wings. She immediately regretted her words.“Winter, I’m sorry…”

“No, it’s fine,” she fluttered away, hurt. “I’ll go. The sun’s coming out again now anyway.”
Layla could kick herself. “Winter, wait…” But all she spoke to was empty air.

She leaned back against the wall and put her head in her hands. She should have stayed in bed.


Winter gazed up at the house from on top of the bird table. Layla’s words had hurt, yet she knew she had deserved them. She was being nosey, and causing fake dandruff. Neither nice things to do.

She should apologise.

She flew up to the bedroom window, where she’d seen Layla’s shadow only moments before. The window was open just a crack, just wide enough for her to squeeze through.

Inside, the room was quiet. No Layla.

The sun glinted off something on the writing desk in the corner.. She flew over to it. The ring.

She bit her bottom lip. Curiosity burned.

She looked, turning her head half-upside down to read the words inscribed in the metal.

Tears pooled in her eyes.

So that was why Layla was in such a strange mood today.


Layla came back into her bedroom, cup of hot chocolate in hand. It wasn’t that cold, but she needed some comfort.

She stopped, caught by the sight of Winter sat on the edge of her writing desk, her little face downcast. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

Winter looked up. “Today’s your anniversary,” she said. There were tear tracks down her cheeks. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

Layla put her mug down beside Winter and crouched to be on her level. Her heart ached for her own reason and for her friend’s tears and obvious guilt. “Of course you didn’t know. I didn’t tell you. I didn’t feel like talking about it. And it’s was. Today was my anniversary. I’m divorced, remember?”

Winter nodded. “It means she left you, right?”

That was putting it bluntly. “Yes. She did.”

“Sorry I made it worse.”

Layla sighed and looked at the floor. “You didn’t make it worse, Winter. It already hurt. I should have told you why I was in a bad mood and asked not to talk about it. I’m sorry for what I said. It was insensitive, and I don’t mind having snow on my shoulders.” She smiled, though it was weak. “It’ll cool me down when I get too hot when this supposed heatwave strikes.”

Winter’s wings fluttered slightly, a sign her mood was improving. “I really am sorry,” she said.

“Let’s call us even okay?” She held out a finger, and they mimicked a handshake.

Winter hovered up over the table, leaving a little patch of frozen wood where she had sat. Layla ignored it. Winter’s feelings were more important.

The hot chocolate had lost its steam, but it still tasted good. She picked it up and sat on the bed with it. Winter perched on her knee. “Do you mind me asking, well, why did she leave you?”

“She had a passion to follow, and I couldn’t follow it with her.” It was the simplest answer she could give.

“Oh. Will she ever come back?”

“No, I don’t think so.” And she hoped not as well. It had taken a year to move on as far as Layla had. She wasn’t sure she could handle doing it all over again.

“Well,” Winter said with a sigh, “it may not be much, but you’ve still got me.”

A true smile. “Yes, and I’m glad I do.” Winter had brightened her life in more ways than she could count.

She really believed she wouldn’t be there without her.


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