#FridayPhrases (#32)

Here we are with FridayPhrases again. A little less busy this week, so I’m on time. 🙂 Go me! It probably won’t last though…

FridayPhrases is a twitter microfiction event on Fridays. Check out the link above for more info.

This week’s theme: Unthinkable.

My tweets:

A world without tears and pain A world where she could smile and love and be free. They said it was possible. But to her? Unthinkable.

It was unthinkable that things should end this way. Unfair. She picked up the pieces of broken glass, careful of the blood. tears fell.

You not being here. Unthinkable. And yet, somehow, here I am. Without you. How is the world still moving? How am I still breathing?


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