#FridayPhrases (#32)

This is my regular FridayPrhases post once more a day late. I didn’t have time yesterday, with writing The Hunter and, y’know, life, again. But, better late than never. 🙂

Check out the link above for more info on this Twitter microfiction event.

This week’s theme: Into thin air!

My tweets:

She wished she could disappear. Into this air. No trace left. Nothing. Just an empty space where once there was her empty heart.

In one moment, her hopes vanished into thin air. Her heart broke, shattering into shards of fire and ice. Anger coursed through her.

I walk into this mist, disappearing into thin air, taking every scar, mistake, and heartache with me. My hands fade, my mind floats…

Happy Easter to all. 🙂


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