The Hunter Part 11: The Hunter Fights

Part 11 is here! Less of a rush today, though at one point I thought I’d got Lena and co. into a scrape I couldn’t get them out of. Got there though. 🙂

I’m writing this seven part (14 including the first set of seven) using prompts from Describli, a writing site for posting short pieces of fiction. I find it useful for practice.

One instalment each day for seven days running. It’s a fun way to write, because you never know where the next day’s prompt is going to take you.

Part One is here.

And here’s today’s instalment:

Within the shadows, Zinna moved, sitting up on whatever she was laid on. A couch? “What happened?” she moaned.

“You will remember in a moment,” the woman said, without turning from Lena.

Words couldn’t make it past Lena’s throat. She was frozen.

Leo stared her from beside Zinna, too far in the shadow to see his true expression.

“You wanted me,” Tang said, “now you have me. Let them go. They are, surely, nothing to you.”

The woman took a step forward. “You presume to tell me what to do?”

“Of course not,” he said smoothly, “I am simply making you an offer.”

“And if I don’t let them go? I still have you, anyway.”

“But not necessarily all of me,” he replied.

What in the universe did he mean by that?

“Are you saying you n longer carry what I want?” Her words were sharp enough to cut.

“I have it, but you cannot without my permission,” Tang said.

Another step forward. “What have you done with it?”

Lena was close enough to see the beads of sweat forming on Tang’s forehead. “Will you let them go?”

“I will not.” The words were low, guttural. She was further into the light now, her face visible. Young, marked by several scars, but a beauty nonetheless. Even with strange blue lips. “You will give me what want, or you will not live.”

Tang was trembling now. “You will kill me anyway.” He spoke low, his voice strained.

“Do not presume, Captain,” the last word was said in a mocking tone, matching her expression, “you cannot claim to know my mind.”

Lena finally managed to move her fingers, just as her eyes met Zinna’s. She was stood now, her expression murder. She crept forward, something in her hand. Lena’s heart stopped.. No, she wanted to say, no, don’t do it. Don’t risk your life. But she couldn’t speak, she couldn’t even alter her expression. Just twitch the tips of her fingers.

Tang said, “I will give it to you if you let them go. That is all I will do.” His voice shook now, the fear obvious.

The woman gritted her teeth. She took hold of Tang by the front of his jacket and pulled him close to her. “You dare to oppose me?” she hissed.

Tang’s eyes closed. “I will not give it to you,” he said, half-whispered.

Zinna was at the woman’s back. She held a dagger in he hand. The one she kept hidden in her back. The one she kept because it had belonged to her family. Lena had never seen her use it before.

She mouthed a word, something Brinnan by the shape of her mouth. A prayer? And then plunged the blade down.

The woman spun, dropping Tang, the blade grazing her arm. She thrust her hand out at Zinna, who flew back across the room and collided with something in a heavy thud.

Lena moved, feeling like she was breaking free of a cocoon. She whipped out her gun and fired. it hit the woman in the side of her head, but like the men, the beam just created a ripple.

Tang was edging toward the door. Lena’s instinct screamed at her to follow. This enemy was not one she could fight. She shouted to Zinna, Leo, “Go! Now!”

The emerged from the shadows, supporting one another. The woman stood in their way, her arms out. Time slowed down, everything in slow motion. Moving felt like pushing through gelatinous water.

The blue-lipped woman reached for Lena, her movements swifter, a sharp edge cutting through the mire. Her grip was like ice, like a claw digging into her skin. Lena wrenched her arm back. The woman’s face stared in shock, eyes wide.

Tang stood just beyond the doorway, gun in hand. He had fired.

The grip loosened. Time resumed. Lena stumbled forward, but kept moving. She raced out of the room, Zinna and Leo’s footsteps behind her.

.she just ran. Didn’t look back. She led them, remembering clearly the way to the docking port.

It loomed ahead. A portal of safety.

Men appeared before it, from down the two other corridors that made the three way crossing in front of it. The alarm blared, screaming the blue-lipped woman’s annoyance across the ship.

Zinna sprang out fro behind Lena, gun’s in both hands. She shot, took several of them out, then dropped the weapons and flew at them, her anger flying from her fists and feet. Lena fired her own weapon, one of their beams narrowly missing her. She got to the panel on the wall, flashing red, the sounds of a fight behind her.

She stared at it. This was technology she had never seen before. Tang came up beside her, Leo defending him, firing madly at the men that assaulted them. Tang’s finger flew over the buttons. The doors slid open. Lena remembered every key pressed. No time for questions now.

They dived in, Zinna last. Quiet, calm, peace. “Let’s get out of here,” Zinna said.

Today’s prompt: Blue lips.


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