The Hunter Part 10: The Hunter’s Enemy

Right, Part 10 here we are. This is a story I’m writing using prompts from Describli, a writing site for posting short pieces of fiction based on prompts that they provide. I use it as practice, as I’ve explained before.

If you need to refresh on the story, Part One is here. I really do intend on getting them set up so that they’re easy to link to, and find. But as I’m not technically minded, and I have time-finding issues, I haven’t quite made it yet. I will. I usually get there in the end.

Without further ado, here’s today’s installant of  The Hunter:

They made their way down the corridor. Lena crept along behind Leo, who was behind Zinna. Tang trailed behind her.

Now and again a sound like a whirring fan cut through the air. Lena tried to ignore it. It was just a system on the ship.

Zinna stopped, the gun pointed straight ahead of her. She waved everyone as close to the wall as possible. Lena pressed herself back, her hand going to her own weapon. Someone was coming.

The steady thud of boots on the carpet penetrated the air, like drumbeats. Two feet fell at the same time, only a half-second out of sync.

Two men rounded the corner, dressed in an identical way to those who had boarded the YSR. A uniform, of sorts?

They stopped, pulled out their weapons. One hit the wall. An alarm sounded. Lena swore under breath, heard Zinna do the same.

“Stop where you are!” one of the men barked at them.

Zinna pulled her trigger. The beam of light hit its mark, the centre of the man’s head, but like the door, it met with resistance, only creating a ripple of energy.

The men came calmly forward. Zinna dropped her weapon and launched herself at them.

Lena wanted to scream at her to stop the fight. It was pointless. There was more going on here than they knew of. This was not their world, but she couldn’t distract her, risk her life.

One of the men pulled out a small syringe and jabbed it in Zinna’s arm, before she had even landed a blow. She dropped.

Lena rushed forward, heedless of the danger, her heart still while she knew.

Breath came from Zinna’s mouth. Her heart thudded in her breast. Relief.

Lena looked up at the men from beside Zinna’s prone body, stood like sentinels, alarm screaming, as they waited. For what? Backup?

Tang and Leo approached behind her. She felt their presence, saw their shadows on the floor around her. Protecting. Standing together.

Leo bent and scooped Zina up in his arms. The sentinels didn’t move, but their eyes were like skewers. Lena felt them pierce her, stake her to the spot where she knelt. She fought their weight to stand, but could not go any further.

More footsteps approached, the drumbeats just out of sync again.

More of the identical men came form a corridor to their left. Lena and the others were surrounded. “They are to be taken to her,” one of the newcomers said. He emphasised the last word. Her.

“Zinna?” Lena made herself speak, fear for her friend outweighing fear of these men.

“She will reverse it.” Again the emphasis. She.

“Then let’s go,” Lena replied, her heart rampaging.

The men guided them down more corridors. Again Lena kept track. She could find her way back to the docking port easily.

They came to a different sort of corridor. Wider. Darker-coloured. The door at the end highlighted by flashing lights coming from a panel beside it. Heavy security.

The men approached. One spoke into a panel, too low for Lena to hear what he was saying. A beep replied to him, and then the door slid open, silent, like the one on their cell.

The room on the other side was set out like a living room, the lights low, material draped all over. Not a piece of metal or machinery in sight. Lena had never seen such opulence before.

“You may leave us,” a low, female voice said.

Tang tensed.

This was her, then. The woman with power over time.

A little thrill of excitment ran through Lena, soon chased away by the fear for Zinna.

The moment the doors slid closed, she said, “They said you’d being her back, you’d wake her.”

A figure stood, half in deep shadow, half n the dim light. “Bring her to me.”

They all started to move, but she stopped them. “No, just the one holding the woman.”

Leo met Lena’s eyes. He was white, blanched. Afraid.

Don’t worry, she tried to tell him with her expression. I’ve got your back.

She wasn’t sure he understood or not.

He moved forward, deeper into the darkness. Lena kept track of him, but it was hard to see in such shadow. He seemed to lay Zinna down on something. A couch? The woman moved to bend over her.

Did something. Lean strained to see, but couldn’t.

“She’s administering the antidote,” Tang murmured. “Only she has it.”

Lena opened her mouth to ask why, then realised. If she held the antidote, she held the power.

Half a minute passed in silence, then Zinna groaned. Lena started to move forward, instinct propelling her.

But the woman held up a hand, issued the word, “Stop.”

And she did. She had no choice. It felt like she lost control over her own limbs. They would not move.

Power. Tang had been right.

Today’s prompt: Bringing her back.

(For anyone who may have read this on Describli, I’m sorry about the typos. The version above has less of them, in theory. I’m still adjusting to me new keyboard. And tired from yesterday’s stress, and trying to bring in what I missed yesterday.)


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