#FridayPhrases (#31)

This is my regular FridayPhrases post. The weeks go by far too quickly sometimes. It feels like yesterday I was doing last week’s. Sometimes, I feel I’m being swept by a river that’s raging far too quickly for me to keep up with.

Check the link above for more info on this fun Twitter event.

This week’s theme: From the depths!

My tweets:

From the depths of her heart, she dredged up a shred of empathy. To give what could not. Compassion.

From the depths of sleep and dreams she rose, half on one world, half in another. Stars danced in her vision. No, not stars. Magic.

“In the depths of your heart, can you honestly say you’re happy?” she asked. / “No.” Simple answer. / Can I have a simple solution?

So, what I was saying about time raging like a river… I was reminded the other day by a comment on the blog that I still haven’t done my sequel to The Hunter (links to part one, still haven’t figured out how to get them all into one linked post) series that I did way back in January. (I honestly didn’t realise how much time had actually passed.)

With that realisation came a decision. A concerted effort must be made. Starting on Monday there will be that sequel posted, in daily segments like before. Seven days and seven segments, all based on Describli’s prompts.

And on Wednesday CampNaNoWriMo kicks off, so I foresee a busy writing week. Looking forward to it. 😀


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