#FridayPhrases (#30)

Once more I am a day late with my FridayPhrases post. I had a bad headache yesterday. I’ve still got it a bit now, but it’s a bit more bearable. So, if you don’t know what Fridayphrases is, check out the link above.

This week’s theme: Unbearable. (Rather appropriate for me at the moment!)

My tweets:

An unbearable sight. Her reflection. Her self. Why would anyone want to look upon her? Tears. Pain. Scars, inside and out.

The words were unbearable. Hearing them meant accepting the truth. He was gone. It hit like a punch to the stomach.

The burden of the past weighed heavily on her shoulders, the future in its shadow. The present unbearable, shrouded in darkness.

Scars. So many line her skin and mind. I trace my fingers over each one, kiss them in turn. She smiles, bittersweet. She is mine. Loved.

Unbearable. The weight of life. Her heart like lead. Dead. Eyes sore from crying. Arms sore from the cuts. One last slice. Blood runs.

(The third one is off-theme, but I had inspiration, so decided to be different. You don’t have to follow the theme. It’s just there for inspiration. I think.)


9 thoughts on “#FridayPhrases (#30)

  1. wow phoenix the juxtaposition of the last two, scars and unbearable, create a powerful one two punch or maybe it’s the parry before the thrust.

    i’ve wanted to wander off theme occasionally (when i was tweeting regularly) but i was never very sure about the rules. i usually get one good themed tweet and the rest are slightly off topic so i never do anything with them. sorry about the headache.

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