#FridayPhrases (#29)

A day late again with my regular FridayPhrases post. I was very busy yesterday, but on the plus side, my life is starting to slow down again a bit, so I should have more time for writing and blogging! Yay! 😀

So, this week’s theme: Feeling lucky.

And my tweets:

“Feeling lucky?” she asked. ‘Not really,’ I replied silently. The dice rolled. “Lucky 13!”

She didn’t feel lucky, or strong, or brave. She felt weak. Luck? No. No such thing. Just the consequences of bad choices.

She grinned. “Feeling lucky tonight?” I hesitated. Took her hand. “Don’t make me regret this.” We leapt out of the plane.

Cheek to cheek. I feel lucky. I know what I’ve got when her arms are around me. We dance, we float, on a cloud of bliss. Just a dream.


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