#FridayPhrases (#27)

FridayPhrases once more. Still busy, but plodding on through the pile of work to be done. I’ve got another blog post that I’m hoping to get done tomorrow. Key word: hoping. Anyway, check the link for more info on FridayPhrases. It’s Twitter-based, and, I think, a lot of fun.

This week’s theme: On the edge! (I had fun with this one. Definitely one of my favourites themes that’s been done.)

My tweets:

I teeter, toes curled over the cliff’s edge. The air pushes me upwards. A leap of faith, all that’s required. I jump.

I am on the edge of telling her, of revealing myself, my soul. But my mouth stays shut. Fear clamps down my tongue. I stay inside.

Tears teeter on the edge, ready to fall, to make tracks down sore cheeks. Too much pain. She teeters on the edge, ready to fall.

On the edge of nothing, the darkness of the abyss. On the edge of everything, of all she dreamed. Two sides. Flip the coin. Just chance?


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