#FridayPhrases (#26)

A day late this week, due to a busy schedule and a bad headache. The headache has, hopefully (touch wood) subsided, so here’s my regular FridayPhrases post. Better late than never. 🙂

Check the link for more info on this microfiction twitter event.

This week’s theme (which I actually struggled with): Desperate measures.

My tweets:

Desperate measures. She resorted to them often. It was the only way to get anywhere, to get what she wanted. Tears. Tantrums. Threats.

She got desperate. Took chances and risks. Things had to change. She couldn’t live like this anymore, look at herself anymore.

“I was desperate,” she sobbed. “I just wanted your love.” / Light reflected off scattered glass. “Don’t you know you already have it?”

Her fingers crackled with ice. Her heart splintered like shards of ice. Tears fell as ice. Fire tempted her. Desperate measures.


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