#FridayPhrases (#22)

Another FridayPhrases post. Written while feeling slightly not great because I accidentally drank a drink with dairy in it (which I’m intolerant to). 😦

This week’s theme: What if… (I had some fun with this one. I could write on a whole blog post, possible a whole novel on the subject of ‘what if’.)

My tweets:

All the what ifs haunt her mind. Crowd around in never-ending chatter. Never-ending questions and doubts. What if? What if? What if?

What of we’re wrong? she whispers in the dark. What if we shouldn’t- I reply, Never say what if. Just do. Just be. We are what we are.

What if those were the last words I ever said to her? I would regret them. I take them back. But the hurt us still in her eyes. Scars.

(The middle one, I admit, can be a bit confusing. I tried to fit in the punctuation, but there wasn’t enough room in the tweet box.) (See my lack of internet terminology. 🙂 )


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