What’s the first thing you would do if you were fearless?

I was asked this question a few days ago, and I honestly struggled to think of an answer off the top of my head.

After a bit of thought, I came up with travel the world. Just pack what I can carry, my laptop, my kindle, (and other necessities like food and clothing), and go. Work my way around the world, write, be inspired.

If I was fearless, my life wouldn’t be anywhere near as restricted as it. I wouldn’t have the problems I have. I wouldn’t need to conquer them. They just wouldn’t be there.

Fear holds us all back in life. Fear of change. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of failure. Fear of letting someone else down. Fear of taking chances.

But the thing about fear is that it makes us brave. Without fear there would be no bravery. Everything would be easy. And we would have no sense of of pride in what we’ve accomplished by overcoming a fear.

While fear isn’t a pleasant emotion, it gives us something to strive against, a barrier to overcome. By fighting it we become better and stronger people.

If I was fearless, I could accomplish so much, but would it mean the same? Would I care as much? I don’t think it/I would.

What do you think? What would be the first thing you would do if you were fearless?


6 thoughts on “Fearless

  1. If i had no fear a lot of things would lose their thrill, and also their appeal. As you said, without, fear there is no room for bravery. Fear can be debilitating, but it can also be the bery thing that force us into motion. Fear to a small degree might even be healthy, keeping us cautious – and alive. On to your question, if I was fearless I would try to survive outside of civilisation, relying only on myself and nature to survive for a whole year. If i succeeded I’m very curious what I’d learn about life and what gives it meaning. : )

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    1. I think surviving outside civilisation sounds like a dream. Just to be away from everything…

      It would be interesting to see what you could learn about yourself, what thoughts might come in the silence of nowhere.

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  2. I agree, being fearless would be dangerous, but I could use a little less. I think I’d pick the same thing. It would be awesome to travel the world without having to worry about all the evils of the world.

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