Hunter Part 1: Hunter in the Stars

I’ve decided to do another series of stories based on prompts from I plan on this one being seven parts, seven days long. Each day I will post a part of the story based on one of the four prompts that are offered on the site. It’s an exciting way to write, as I don’t know until the day where exactly my stories going to go.

The first story I did this way is called The Mission. Click the link to give it a read.

So, here’s the first part of Hunter. The second part will be published (hopefully) tomorrow.

Stars. So many stars. Lena traced her finger along one of the old constellations. Seen from the old Earth, it was called Orion, the hunter. There were stories to go with all of the old constellations, they all had their own characters. They fascinated her.

She wished she could’ve seen them.

Her door slid open. “Dreaming again?” Zinna asked as she walked in.

“Wishing, I think.”

Zinna looked at the chart. “There are never two planets with the same view of the universe.”

“No. There aren’t.” She folded her arms. “So when one’s lost…”

“It’s a shame.”

The radio crackled into life. “Captain, we’re got a problem up here.”

Lena crossed the room to the intercom, and pressed the button to speak into it. “Serious?”

“Could get to be.”

“Okay. I’m on my way up.”

Zinna raised her eyebrows.

“No idea, but let’s go and find out.”

She led Zinna from her quarters, and up to the bridge. The steps clanked beneath her feet, swaying with the movement, and the handrails threatened to come away from the wall. The ship really did need some maintenance.

Leo greeted her, spinning around in his chair, saying, “Take a look at this.” He hit a button on the console in front of the main viewing screen. An image of a ship flickered onto the display, seemingly drifting in open space.

“Salvage opportunity?” she questioned. “Where’s the problem?”

“Well, I’m not sure it is what it seems. Remember those stories a while back, about the honey trap?”

The connection clicked. “Of course. Lure you in and you turn into the salvage.” She considered the ship. “Best left alone then.”

“Not that simple. We’re already been spotted.” Leo flicked another button. A map came up on the screen, showing them as a red dot, and other ships as green. A green one was quite close, and getting closer. “See that?” Leo pointed. “That’s a Carnite cruiser. It’s coming towards us, but it’s in stealth mode.”

“Locked onto us?”

“Not sure.”

“Best get away then,” Zinna said. “Get a running start.”

Lena nodded her agreement. “All right.” She laid a hand on Leo’s shoulder.” Let’s go.”

He tapped some buttons and pulled down on a lever.

The red dot that was their ship started to pull away from the green dots representing the drifting ship and the cruiser.

“They’re following,” Zinna observed, her voice tight.

The cruiser’s green dot moved in sync with their red one.

Lena’s shoulders tightened. Their ship wasn’t set up for a fight. They were cargo. Not battle. “Faster,” she said to Leo, tightening her grip on him.

He pulled the lever down as far as it would go. The green dot sped up to match them, then drew closer, until it was almost on top of them.

Zinna grabbed the radio and held the mouthpiece up. “Put me on their frequency,” she said.

Leo glanced up at Lena. She nodded.

He turned a dial. “Okay. Go.”

“This is the Y.S.R. Please end your pursuit, or state your business.” Her words were sharp, authoritative.

Static came back to her.

She repeated her message.

“Y.S.R. you are ordered to stand down and allow borders.” It was a male, with a strong Carnite accent. He said something else, but between the static on the radio, and his thick words, Lena couldn’t make it out.

Leo and Zinna shrugged their shoulders at her questioning look.

“We will not allow such a thing,” Zinna said, her posture altering, as if she could fight them over the airwaves.

“We repeat, prepare yourselves for boarding.”

“And I repeat, we will not allow it.”

Only static came back to her. Zinna gritted her teeth and threw the radio microphone down. “We prepare to fight.”

“We’re not exactly equipped-” Leo started.

The ship rocked and swayed, throwing their balance. An alarm blared. “We’ve been hit, just a glancing blow.” Leo toggled some buttons and the alarm died.

Lena flicked a button and brought up the image of the cruiser on the screen. “I don’t think we’ve got much choice but to fight.”

The prompt was: A running start.

Let me know what you think, bearing in mind this is a first draft. Be kind. πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “Hunter Part 1: Hunter in the Stars

  1. Another good start for a story. I cheated and waited until it was finished this time. πŸ˜‰ I liked how thee first paragraph let us know something about the history of the world. I also appreciated the little detail of the loose hand rail. I do have one question, if they were in stealth how did Leo know?

    Liked by 1 person

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