#FridayPhrases (#18)

Last FridayPhrases of 2014, I’ve just realised! Wow, the year’s gone so fast…

Anyway, check the link for info on this Twitter event, if that’s the right word. The theme this week really resonated with me. One of my better weeks. 🙂

This week’s theme: Making peace

My tweets this week:

A letter. The right words inside. A smile. Tears. Peace made.

Peace at Christmas. Maybe temporary. Maybe not. Either way take it in, breathe it in. Savour the moments of calm and love.

Truth can make peace. She knows this. Cold glass beneath her hands. Her heart on the other side. Truth will shatter the wall. Be brave.

Puddles of tears. Her tear-stained reflection in the glass. Peace shattered. She lifts her head. Dries her eyes. Peace her own to make.

Words in my head. No peace to be made. They torment, haunt, drive every action. I scream. I cry. Nothing silences them. I need release.


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