#FridayPhrases (#16)

My regular FridayPhrases post is back once again. I enjoyed this week’s theme. Just right for the time of year.

It is: Home for the Holidays

My tweets:

Home for the holidays. The smell of roast chicken, baking mince pies, the twinkle of Christmas lights. Comfort. She smiles.

Home for the holidays. Pressure. Awkward questions. Someone might notice the change in her. A deep breath. Enter.

She closed her eyes. The Christmas scene played out. Her mother wouldn’t approve. But she would still hold her girlfriend’s hand. Proud.

The holidays. Christmas. New Year. Home. All things of nostalgia. Of childhood memories. Warmth. Twinkling lights. Excitement. Innocence.

Everyone was heading home for the holidays. Everyone but her. She would be alone. She had no happy home. No smiling family. No one.


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