#FridayPhrases (#11)

Right. Here we are again. A little more on schedule this time. 🙂

FridayPhrases, my fun little microfiction Twitter event on Fridays, is coming to an end, from what I understand. 😦 I’ve really enjoyed doing it, so I’m quite sad at that thought.

At the moment I’m thinking of carrying it on in some way by myself. I just need a source of prompts, which I’m sure I’ll find/come up with. (I’m a fairly imaginative/resourceful person, and definitely good at improvising). I’m thinking I’ll post on Twitter, and ten do the usual round-up on here. Still in the to-be-worked-out phase yet. :/

Anyway, this week’s prompt was: Missed Opportunities

And my tweets:

Regret. Missed opportunities. They haunt me like ghosts, trailing every waking moment, filling my vision and mind. Time can’t fix this.

I remember all too well, the night we danced. The night you asked me to stay. I said no. A missed opportunity. One night was all we had.

Missed opportunities. Wasted hearts. Wasted love. Fear enters and hope is extinguished. Yes or no. One wrong word.


5 thoughts on “#FridayPhrases (#11)

  1. i went meta this friday and missed the whole thing! but i did read that it’s ending which is sad since i really enjoyed. if you carry it on, let me know what/where/when/how and i’ll tweet along when i can.

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  2. I think many tweeps will continue to use the FP hashtag and write their lovely micro on Fridays. All is not lost! 😉 It will be slightly less organized but we can just search for #FP and scroll through the feed.

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