#FridayPhrases (#10)

This post is delayed because my body decided it wanted to be ill. Time is healing. I think.

This is my weekly FridayPhrases post. A collection of my responses to a prompt sent out on Twitter. It’s a fun event. For more info, here’s the website.

The prompt this week was: Descent Into Depravity. (Another one I found quite hard to interpret, but, hey, I’m always up for a challenge.)

My tweets this wee:

Depraved. That’s what this scene was. I laid a hand on my stomach as it turned over. She had been so young…

Darkness was taking over her heart. The knife in her hand, the temptation so great. Se couldn’t resist. Depravity welcomed her.

They said I was descending into depravity. But I didn’t see it like that. I was just being true to my soul in loving her.


4 thoughts on “#FridayPhrases (#10)

  1. my wifi was down, my espresso machine is in the shop for repairs. so my mind is slowly descending into annoyance and my body wishes it were ill instead of all in my head. hope you feel better. p.s. i thought last week’s was hard too. i’m trying to go funny but perhaps i picked the wrong week to make the shift.

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  2. Thanks, I am feeling a bit better. Hope you’re going okay too. Sounds like you’re having one of those times in life that makes you feel like sitting down and giving up. I know them well…

    I can’t do funny. I’ve tried. I’ve given up. Good luck and well done to anyone that can. 🙂


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