#FridayPhrases (#9)

Another FridayPhrases… 🙂 More info here.  (It’s a microfiction event every Friday on Twitter.)

This week’s prompt: Tweets from the bar

This was an interesting prompt. It got interpreted in many different ways. It was a challenge for me. Here are my tweets:

She leant her head agianst the bars. What had she done? She had thrown away her life on a whim. All was at an end.

She wiped down the bar. She knew every inch of it, every crack, every scratched name, every stain. It trapped her, even in death.

The answer was not at the bottom of her glass. Maybe it was on Twitter?

She tapped the hard wood surface of the bar, her mobile phone a breath from her nails. Lonely. Drinking. Again. Twitter her only friend.


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